Friday, December 14, 2012

Crayons vs. Markers vs. Colored Pencils

       Hi Bloggers! I would like to finish this week’s blogging with a compare and contrast: Crayons vs. Markers vs. Colored Pencils. *final countdown music plays*
       Crayons: Crayons come in a huge variety of colors, from aqua to brick red. The tip flattens out with use. A crayon can look very waxy on paper.  It is very hard to stay inside the lines with a crayon. One of the best things about a crayon is that if you tear all the paper off the crayon and color it on its side with something under the paper, (like a leaf or coin) you can see an imprint of that object.
       Markers: Markers have rich, deep, colors and can also come in a big variety. They are my favorite of the three.  Generic markers can dry up very quickly. When coloring with a marker, you have to put something under your drawing or risk having the ink bleed through. Markers are good at bringing life to a picture. One of the best things about markers is that if their washable, after you have colored your drawing a bit, using a paintbrush and water you can go over the marker and make it look like watercolor paint.  This is unique to markers.
       Colored Pencils: Colored pencils are good at producing light colors, but do not have a lot of dark, rich colors. You need to keep them sharp or they will flatten out like crayons.  If you have another piece of paper under your drawing the line of the underneath paper will show up if you’re coloring something. One of the best things about colored pencils is that much like a crayon, if you put an object like a coin under your paper and color, an imprint will show up of the object.
       Which is your favorite and why? Leave a comment

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