Thursday, May 2, 2013

Essay for Ap Lang

Humans consistently use wooden-headedness in all affairs.  It is so common, that psychology has coined a term for it: conformational bias.  Conformational bias is defined as looking for evidence to support your claim while spontaneously ignoring evidence that opposes your claim.  In the work place, managers often have wooden-headedness when considering candidates for promotion.  This phenomenon is also prevalent with religion when people refuse to accept any other notion, sticking to their previous beliefs.  Another example of wooden-headedness can be seen in government.  There is a constant flow of affairs that is affected by wooden-headedness.  It plays a huge role in all human affairs.


Managers in the work place can definitely be seen using wooden-headedness while making decisions.  Suppose the manager and candidate A are really good friends.  Candidate B is better qualified than candidate A and has also done better things for the company.  These facts do not give candidate B the automatic promotion.  Often times, a manager will give the promotion to his/her friend because the manager sees candidate A in a better light than candidate B.  The manager is seen using wooden-headedness.  Candidate B should have received the promotion but didn’t receive it because the manager didn’t base his decisions on facts and qualifications.  He chose the person for the promotion based on preconceived fixed notions. 


People are consistently seen using wooden-headedness in religious affairs.   Wooden-headedness in religion happens often when people of contrasting religions try and communicate their beliefs.   People of all religions are guilty of this.  When a Jehovah’s Witness comes and preaches to people, most people tend to ignore them.  They keep their preconceived fixed notions that their religion is the accurate one and the Jehovah’s Witness are wrong.  These people choose not to listen to evidence that is opposed to that of their preconceived fixed notions.  They would rather keep their beliefs and ideals the same than listen to people who have contrasting opinions.


Government officials are seen using wooden-headedness on multiple issues.  There are multiple examples of when government officials have used wooden-headedness.  Republicans often vote no on abortion because of their preconceived fixed notions.  They do not listen to the Democrats opinion on why it is ok to do.  They refuse to accept the concept and stick to their preconceived notions.  Democrats tend spend too much on entitlements.  Republicans do the same thing when gay marriage policy comes up.  They don’t listen to the facts and opinions contrasting their personal views.  They ignore them and vote on their ideals. 


Wooden-headedness is seen in all human affairs.  Managers in the workplace use it when choosing someone for a promotion.  People of religious faith can use it when they are talking to someone of a contradictory religion.  Government officials are seen using wooden-headedness when policy that is against core values is brought up.  This common phenomenon is seen in all human affairs.  People want to be right and will ignore facts and opinions of the opposite view to maintain their preconceived fixed notions.    


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