Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taking Responsibility

     People should take more responsibility for solving problems that affect their communities for their nation.  If everyone took more personal responsibility, it would lead to change and improvement to the community.  If people took more initiative to solving national problems, they would feel more involved and rake initiative to get laws passed in Congress.  Finally, more responsibility will give people a more accomplished feeling in their life. 
     Often times people are more involved in their own problems than the problems of their community.  This leads to people taking less responsibility of their community.  It is called the social loafing effect.  It is summed up pretty much in one phase:  Someone else will do it.  If everyone took more personal responsibly for their community, the community problems would be carefully addressed and the community would have multiple solutions to choose from.  The options could be discussed and the community could use the solution that gave them the best chance at solving their problem.  The more people in the community who care, the better the community will be.   
     When people take more responsibility for national problems, the problems get solved faster.  If everyone lets Congress know how they feel on the issues, Congress could make accurate, informed decisions based on the peoples wants.  Congress could stop arguing and just turn to the people and ask them what they want.  It would lead to a faster, more democratic way to solve national problems. 
     People feel a sense of accomplishment when they solve problems.  IT makes people feel fulfilled and that they have a purpose to their life.  People who feel fulfilled are less likely to commit crime and have a higher life expectancy.  Less crime promotes for a better society and less community problems.    
     People should take more responsibility for the community and for national problems.  It helps solve problems quickly and efficiently.  It also gives people a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  More responsibility promotes for a better society and a higher quality of life.


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