Sunday, April 21, 2013

Commentary on Gun Rights Article. CNN

              This article really spoke to me.  I have researched quite a bit on the shootings and possible options.  There were ten options I heard: Strengthen gun laws, Keep gun regulations the same or relax them, Arm the schools, Improve school security, Cut down on violence in the media, Improve mental health care, Cover the families, focus on parenting, bolster kids’ social skills, and report it.  All of these have pros and cons.  This article spoke on the fact on arming the schools and gun laws. 
            Obama has been very conservative in his speeches about the action he will take as President.  When you look at the strings behind him, it starts to make sense.  He is a man of the people.  Gun rights and laws are split 50/50 on both extremes in this country.  “It would bring about another civil war to decide this problem.”  They are on the money on this one.  Recent polls show that the country is split on the issue.  They are on the extremes and butting heads.  Any big action will ignite uproar and chaos.    
            They also state guns won’t go away from our culture and PACs.  All over the country, ours shelves are stocked with guns.  It is a common item.  Many law abiding citizens take part in hunting, shooting, and collection.  There are also thousands of killers that own guns.  They said it would be impossible to take their guns away.   I also agree with them.  It’s valid.  A majority of people will hide their guns and protest until they get their guns back.  The issue is to split to take drastic actions in either direction.  The PACs, such as the NRA, also assure guns in our country.  The NRA started as hunting enthusiasts, but turned into one of the most powerful PACs.  The NRA succeeded in helping four out of every five candidates it endorsed in the 2010 congressional election.  An alliance with the Republican Party assures that they will never stop influencing elections.  There will always be a large opposition to strict gun laws.  That is why there has been a loosening in the gun laws in the past decade.  Most states allow people to carry their guns into most public areas. 
            The author suggests we negotiate with the NRA and Congress to ban automatic weapons and try and tighten gun laws slightly.  He also states that an increase in protection at the schools would deter possible assailants from a rampage.  If there was a rampage, the officer would be there to eliminate the threat.  Although it is expensive, I agree that there should be a cop with a gun in every school.  We live in a world of guns.  There is no feasible way to remove guns from our society.  We need to protect the children and make them feel safe.  The article hits the blunt reality that we can’t take away guns.  We can only protect the children.  Hopefully some action is taken.    


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